Tips for creating a great email campaign

email marketing tipsEmail Marketing Tips for creating a great email campaign

Creating a dialog has always been the best way businesses connect with new customers! An email is designed to do just that. Here are 6 email marketing tips to create a GREAT campaign.

#1. Send your emails with an unforgettable subject line

With an email campaign, you can add variables including Geo-targeting and name personalization in the subject line. So an example would be: “Hey Bob, Check out the 2015 Food Tour and try 17 of the Best Restaurants in Boston!”

#2. Email content should be short and simple

Try to keep it no more than four sentences long, with space between each sentence. Writing your content in a single bulky paragraph can put a reader off.

#3. Don’t let the text in your email sound robotic or impersonal

An example of an impersonal email can be a bland introduction like: “Hello Friend” or a subject line like “Save Big” or “Call Now!” The emailUSA® team recommends that the text in your email be similar to a conversation you may have when first meeting a prospect.

#4. Don’t mistake your ‘specials’ as something that will benefit your email readers

We will use two subject lines as an example.
The first subject line is a special and the second one is a benefit: “Doug’s Lawn Care: Receive 10% off of your first order” would be considered a special. Here is an email headline for the same company that can seemingly benefit the consumer: “Get 4 hours of your weekend back with affordable lawn care services”. This example would be a benefit, and is by far a better message for the consumer or prospect.

#5. Offer a clear and concise call-to-action

What action do you want the recipient to take? If all you want is a 15 minute conversation with them, be clear about it.

#6. Don't assume you’re done after sending a single email

No, a single email is not an email campaign. Think of your email campaign as a series. Create a complete campaign with each part in mind, keeping emails consistent through insightful content or increased incentive.

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